Multi vendor marketplace

The project is a marketplace that connects publishers and influencers with people looking to buy publicity. Everything in this project is custom made, starting from digital identity and design to the last line of functional code. Buyers can add their websites to the marketplace detailing their performance stats, giving pretty in-depth analytics for each available resource. The project has these two predicates use roles or groups, but each user can be a part of both, by switching in their profile. To become a publisher users need to pay a small subscription fee, buyer profiles are free. What's most notable about the project is that it is not just a software, it's a business system. It controls all payments, all fees, all invoices and transaction between all parties (Buyers, Publishers and the platform itself). Once the project is live it can work almost fully self-sufficient, requiring administrator attention only in a few specific cases. It also already has different marketing tools built in, for example, a manageable affiliate system, that offer users rewards from all transactions made by their referrals.

Technical solution

What's the biggest concern regarding a startup project? Offcourse its scalability and security. The user interface (project frontend) was created as a fully responsive SPA or single page application. It connects to the backend using API connection, which allows us to easily update both user interface and administrative functionalities. It also allows the project to easily connect to different 3rd party software and ensure smooth data exchange. The backend is written in Laravel, by far the best PHP framework available and its build using a modular approach, that allows us to separate different functionalities and update them separately.

Biggest challenge

Splitting the payments and fees between parties. Sometimes you need to look back to identify the biggest challenge in a project, not in this case. Long story short, project is allowing buyers to add items from multiple Publishers to one cart and checkout with one payment. That means that we need to split the payment, calculating not only each Publishers cut but the Puble fees as well. Offcourse, calculating this is not challenging, splitting them automatically so each owed amount finds the right payment account is. That evolves cross-platform payment split, which was a painful process, partly because of lacking API documentation from the payment provider side(Looking at you paypal). Challenge accepted.