Back-end Development

Project Description

Booking platform for a travel agency. Currently, it manages all agency’s day to day business, all available bookings are listed in the system and travel agents use it to calculate different travel prices and book travel arrangements, including very complex algorithms for calculating travel prices. The platform automatically finds best travel arrangements based on number and age of the people traveling, suites needed and meals types they have selected In addition to being a booking tool it also offers full CRM functionality, managing all clients and their bookings, contracts, tickets, invoices, and payments.We did full project development - from planning to development!

Jevgēnijs Šendo
Agency Manager, Latvia

A pretty complex platform that now runs our daily travel booking. We had our share of demands, especially when it came down to the way we select and list travel arrangement with our agents. Now they can find best deals just by filling in some variables, like the age of tourists. Great job by Netcore, we are continuously working on new features.